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Have you been to Church Wood near Gerrards Cross  

RSPB Church Wood, Village Ln, Hedgerley, SL2 3UY
Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/church-wood/#0xBH7flTx9ugoOa5.99



About Church Wood


Church Wood is managed with minimal intervention to allow dead wood to provide natural habitats for wildlife. Non native species such as Sycamore, which grow rapidly and eventually shade out less competitive species, are removed or thinned. The meadow is mown annually to enable wildflowers to flourish and the grass mowings are heaped up into piles for insects andreptiles to bask on in warm sunshine  The woodland's glades and rides provide vital habitiat  for insects and butterflies, so these are managed as open spaces to let the sun in. 



Modest management, with regular support from two groups of local volunteers, ensures a superb and very beautiful local amenity. In summer, volunteers prevent the network of paths from becoming overgrown with vegetation, so that visitors can enjoy walking through the wood; the woodland is also inspected regularly in case of a fallen tree on a path.  

This nature reserve is supported by various charitable trusts, RSPB local groups and supporters.

Site information

Church Wood is a small reserve located in the Chilterns. The wood covers roughly 35 acres.

This is a beautiful place for a quiet woodland walk. You can take a stroll along dappled paths through beech, ash and oak trees.

Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/church-wood/#0xBH7flTx9ugoOa5.99


In Autumn, you will notice an increase in the number of garden bird species in the wood, as well as visitors such as fieldfare and redwing. The leaves changing on the beech, hazel, ash and field maple add extra colour to the wood.


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